Németvölgyi Residence



The development of Németvölgyi Residence is the perfect answer to an architectural niche, as during its design phase we put great emphasis on including modern elements and making it at once practical and loveable. With their fresh, contemporary architectural style and exclusive external appearance the buildings will contribute to elevating the atmosphere of the neighboring monumental houses to a next level. The facades are decorated with various colorful glass surfaces that make them truly unique.

With its large, contiguous green areas and highland air, the capital of Hungary deserves to be the favorite of those seeking to live an exclusive life. In addition, Németvölgyi Residence is situated on a declivous plot – a rarity, even on the Buda side, with spectacular views to Buda Castle and many famous architectural sights of Pest.

Thanks to its unique infrastructure, the immediate neighborhood of Királyhágó Square and Böszörményi Street offers an especially diverse range of possibilities. The comfort of everyday and the ease of practical tasks are provided by excellent educational institutes, furthermore numerous stores, banks and quality services in the area and the malls nearby. It only takes a 2-minute drive to Déli Railway Station or to the BAH junction. Those who prefer public transport can also reach many different parts of the city easily by various bus lines, metro and tram services from the interchange points.

Bistros, restaurants and confectionaries present unforgettable gastro experiences, cinemas and a community center offer colorful cultural programs. Pool complex, premium fitness establishments, massage, spa and wellness programs take care of recharging the body and the mind.

Besides the innovative, fresh design the residents can also enjoy the surrounding 6000 sqm large park that encompasses the buildings and offers an amazing possibility to recharge in green environment. Furthermore, the apartments are tailor made to fit our customers’ personal needs. Built in kitchens fitted with electric appliances such as oven, stove and exhaustion fan are all part of the standard equipment. With our energy conscious approach we solely use first class, three-layered, heat and soundproof plastic windows and doors, along with thick insulation. Above these, parking places in the underground garage of the building are also at the residents’ convenience.

A great proof for the popularity of Németvölgyi Residence is the high interest it raised among apartment seekers already before the start of its sale. The development fills a gap in the district, its unique technical quality and exclusivity is incomparable to any other current projects. It follows the characteristics of the 12th district, both with its proximity to the nature and the high quality.


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