Biggeorge Fund Management

Biggeorge Fund Management, operating as an outstandingly important member in the value chain of the Biggeorge Holding Group, provides real estate-related investment opportunities for private and institutional investors.

As one of the most successful integrated real estate developers in the country, the strategy of the parent company, Biggeorge Holding, is based on continuous development, in both the real estate and financial services fields. This dynamic and innovative attitude characterizes the activities of Biggeorge Fund Management. We believe that our responsible and purposeful business policy creates sound foundations for gaining the confidence of our clients and enables us to keep it in the long term. We believe that a safety-oriented value creating investment policy, combined with expertise and experience, will provide balanced rewards for our clients in the long term.

Value creation is not only decisive for our investors but also regarding the buyers/lessors of the developed and managed properties. We believe that creating an outstanding customer experience and commitment to perfection in the details are long term basic conditions for a successful business. We are proud that, thanks to our activity, everyday living spaces become even more pleasant for thousands of people.

Our company operates as investment fund manager supervised by the National Bank of Hungary; the managed real estate funds were created in each case upon their registration by the NBH.


Tibor Nagygyörgy

Tibor Nagygyörgy


Gábor Kutas
Deputy Managing Director


Sándor Buda
Member of the Board





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