BG Hitel & Lízing

As a member of Biggeorge Holding, with the permission of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF), BG Hungary Leasing Ltd. and BG Finance Ltd. financial enterprises operate under the BG Hitel & Lízing brand name. The goal of BG Credit & Leasing is to develop innovative and outsdtandingly competitive financing products covering the complete scale of real estate financing possibilities, and to gain market share by providing fast, simple and friendly client service.

In favour of serving the clients in a flexible way, both its leasing and loan products are offered in a wide range priced according to the clients’ needs.

BG Finance Ltd. offers subsidized investment loan products mainly for micro, small and midsized enterprises.


Krisztrián Törő
Board Member


Pál Moskovits


Dr Eszter Gebhardt
Board Member



1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi street 6.

Tel: +36-1 / 439 – 2130

Fax: +36-1 / 439 – 2139



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