Biggeorge Property

As one of the biggest real estate developer companies with private Hungarian ownership, Biggeorge Property is one of the most determining participants of the local real estate market for more than ten years.

The company is owned by Tibor Nagygyörgy, and following the takeover of Biggeorge’s-NV – previously jointly owned by the founder and Dr. Viktor Nyíri – its field of activities now includes both commercial (office, hotel, retail, industrial/logistic) and residential real estate developments. In the course of the past years the company has gained a wide range of experience in the field of plot development and the realization of special infrastructural developments too.

Biggeorge Property – the value developer. Our most important values are creativity and market knowledge, which we use for supporting projects fostering the advancement of the built environment. As a Hungarian owned real estate developer our name is related to the successful realization of many residential, office, commercial and logistic project. We are proud to have projects that become comfortable and practical locations for the everyday life of thousands.

In its activities Biggeorge Property Ltd. always focuses on the creation of buildings that fully satisfy the users’ needs and are not only of great quality but comfortable and loveable at the same time. All of this is possible with the help and availability of experts, real estate and financial professionals with great experience and the ambition for continuous innovation. Each and every building created by the company represents the aspects of this professional attitude.

Nagygyörgy Tibor

Tibor Nagygyörgy
Biggeorge Holding, Biggeorge Property CEO


Tamás Nagygyörgy
Deputy Managing Director




1023 Budapest, Lajos street 28-32., Bécsi Corner Offices

Phone: +36 1 225 2521


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