Hitel Partner

Market leader of financial counselling and credit intermediation

As a member of Biggeorge Holding, Hitel Partner started its operation in 2007, and by 2014 based on the regular feedback of almost 500 partners its widely known and acknowledged partner-supporting services helped to develop it into a nationwide acknowledged credit intermediator enterprise.

The task of Hitel Partner’s independent intermediator network is to intermediate loans related to the purchase of new and used real estate, construction, modernization, enlargement and renovation. Our primary goal is to construct personalized, individual facilities for our clients, helping them to reach remarkable savings. During the past few years the scale of loan products has significantly broadened. At the moment every important bank and facility available in the banking system – personal or business loans and housing saving facilities – is accessible at us, all in one place at the same time, without any trouble.

We belive we are responsible for improving and maintaining the quality of the habilitators’ credit portfolio, which, according to the feedback, has so far satisfied all needs. We are sure about this being the reason for many financial insititues reckoning us as their strategically important partner.

Based on our experiences nowadays it is not sufficient to know the products and procedures of one or two banks, we must constantly refresh and keep our knowledge about products and conditions up-to-date. Since due to regular changes this might be very time-consuming on the complete scale of habilitators, our colleagues and local representatives are at service of our partners with updated knowledge and connections.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate background for fulfilling our clients’ needs by the means of regular information flow, updating the knowledge of our partners and transmitting our network of connections.

The correspondence with legal changes is a common challenge and goal for us, and our partners can rely on our solid background in this. We consider the fulfillment of expectations as a task and we know that assuring the satisfaction of our partners is one of the most important factors in creating long-term relationships.

The aim of Hitel Partner is to offer marketable and unique services that even provide support in the fluency of daily client service routines besides the competitive premium, unique products and professional background.

Bánfalvi László

László Bánfalvi


1023 Budapest Lajos street 28-32.

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