I-mobile is the central telecommunication provider company of the group. Its aim is to provide communication channels to the company group and to its cooperating institutions on a high technological level adequate to our age, through innovative, effective and cost-conscious solutions.

Within the framework of telecommunication service, the testing, acquisition and introduction of new devices (cellphones, tablets) and services (voice based, mobile internet, special data links, MtoM), furthermore even operation (group management, cost management, fleet management, accounting and invoicing) is part of I-mobile’s activity.

Beyond that I-mobile is an important participant of the Hungarian telecommunication sector’s supplier network. Our telecommunication team started its acquisitional activity in November 1998, when the Hungarian State launched a tender to win the concession right of using the 1800Mhz frequency. From these companies we would like to highlight Westel Telecommunications Ltd. (Hungarian Telekom) and Pannon GSM Telecommunications Ltd., for that we submitted and still keep submitting acquisition, design, licensing and counselling services related to hundreds of locations. Since April 2002, our company is a qualified supplier of Vodafone Hungary Telecommunications Ltd. Besides the excellent ratings gained in the course of regular performance evaluations, the satisfaction of our customers is also proven by the reception of almost 1000 acqisition, design and licensing assignments.

Due to our position as a supplier we know the technical and engineering background and procedures of telecommunication companies, letting us making excellent use of it in serving Biggeorge Holding and its partner organizations.


Sándor Révész
iMobile igazgató



1023 Budapest Lajos street 28-32.

Tel: +36-1 / 487 – 3300
Fax: +36-1 / 487 – 3333


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