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Following its establishment in 2000, Otthon Centrum became one of the determining participants of Hungary’s real estate market and it preserved its leading role ever since then. Besides its main focus on real estate procurement the company gained many years of experience in credit intermediation, investment and real estate development counselling.

Already from 2000 on, in the course of the real estate market boom fuelled by the governmental interest rate subsidies, with its experience and expertise Home Center successfully served sellers, buyers, those entering the market with the intention to invest and last but not least the real estate developers operating in the market. The experiences gained at that time are successfully used for the benefits of its customers up until today.

The changed economic and financial environment posed new challenges on the whole real estate market. The participants’ hunger for information is tangible, starting from the households transacting a single purchase of an apartment, through the investors making advantage of the market’s conjunctures, to the real estate developers. On the sellers’ side the challenge is the configuration of the highest but still marketable price and the appropriate advertising strategy, to which the experiences possibly gained in the course of a single purchase are not enough. On the buyers’ side the identification of the obtainable bargain, the difficulties of finding the best fitting home according to the financial aspects and expectations in the quality of life strengthen the grounds of real estate procurement services the most. The development of investment strategy, the composition of an appropriate investment portfolio also requires detailed informations and experiences on the market. The increased risk of residential real estate development in turn demands elaborate market analysis, studies with precise estimations on the conjunctures of supply and demand.

We set the experience of decades piled up in our national network in service of our customers with the accurate knowledge and follow up on the freshest market tendencies. We offer full service to our clients, namely finding the right real estate, getting the financing to fund a single purchase, the sale at the best price for the real estate owners, investment counselling, or market analysis and marketing services needed for real estate development projects.

The success and high professional quality of our activity is not only proven by tenthousands of satisfied customers served throughout the years or the largest number of procurement assignments but also by numerous professional acknowledgements. In the course of its operation our national network was awarded the ‘Real Estate Dealer of the Year’ title by the Hungarian Association of Real Estate Dealers eight times, furthermore we are also proud owners of the ‘Innovation in Real Estate Procurement’ and ‘Franchise Network of the Year’ prizes. For eight years, Home Center continuously keeps receiving the Superbrand title, and from 2010 on it gets the Hungarian Brands title too in every year. In 2014 we came in for a serious international acknowledgement, when for the first time the Hungarian Franchise Association delegated a local participant to the ‘Best Franchise of the World’ contest, where László Sánta, a franchise partner of Home Center won the 2nd place amongst 200 competitors.


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